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2024 Home Price Forecast

Based on what we’re hearing in the news about home prices, it is easy to buy into the "fearmongering." I think setting up boundaries around what we let into our brain space is vital to making informed decisions and more importantly in our ove...

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Current Market Dynamics

As we navigate through the early months of the year, many homeowners who have been holding off are contemplating the opportune moment to initiate the sale of their property. Traditionally, spring marks the peak season for buying homes, often en...

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Wrapping up 2023 in our Local Market

Currently, there are a total of 75 homes and condos for sale, down from 81 last year at this time. Of the 76 properties, 12 are pending (16%). There are 43 single-family homes, 9 are pending (21%), and the median price is $1,798,000. At this ti...

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Here’s a wrap-up of 2023

Reflecting on 2023, the national real estate market faced one of its toughest years. Skyrocketing mortgage rates, persistent inflation, and stubbornly high housing and rental prices led to the continued declining trends from late 2022. The usua...

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Exploring the Real Estate Landscape of 2024

As a discerning individual contemplating a real estate transaction in 2024, it's crucial to stay informed about the latest market trends. The real estate landscape has seen its share of challenges in 2023, notably due to fluctuating mortgage ra...

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