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Glenbrook is an elite and historic neighborhood nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Lake Tahoe. Developed in 1906, Glenbrook exudes a timeless charm and offers an unparalleled living experience for its fortunate residents.

Glenbrook comprises 297 residences, each designed to embrace the natural beauty of the area and provide a sense of harmony with the surroundings. Among these homes are 61 lakefront properties, offering a privileged few with front-row seats to the mesmerizing views of Lake Tahoe.

The neighborhood is accessed through a gated entrance, providing an added layer of security and privacy for its residents. During the appropriate seasons, a dedicated guard ensures the safety and exclusivity of the community.

Glenbrook residents are treated to an array of exceptional amenities. A community pier, beach, and boat buoys with dock valet service make it convenient and enjoyable for lake enthusiasts to embark on their water adventures. Boating, swimming, and simply relishing the lakefront ambiance are part of everyday life in this remarkable neighborhood.

Sports and recreation enthusiasts will delight in the private nine-hole golf course and tennis club available within Glenbrook. These amenities cater to residents seeking active and social lifestyles. Additionally, a restaurant within the community provides a delightful dining experience for all to enjoy.

Nature lovers will find solace in the community park and hiking trails that meander through Glenbrook’s picturesque terrain. The designated green belts within the neighborhood preserve the natural beauty of the surroundings, ensuring that residents are always in touch with the great outdoors.

Glenbrook boasts a unique advantage of being surrounded by over 700 acres of U.S. Forest Service lands. This means that residents have access to vast expanses of pristine wilderness, allowing them to explore, hike, and connect with nature whenever they desire.

For those seeking adventure beyond the neighborhood, Glenbrook is conveniently located 9.6 miles away from the California/Nevada state line and only 12.6 miles from Heavenly’s boulder lodge and lift. This proximity to nearby attractions ensures that residents can effortlessly explore the region’s diverse offerings.

Families with school-going children will appreciate the Douglas County School bus stops conveniently located at the Glenbrook gate, providing a safe and reliable transportation option for students.

The Glenbrook Homeowners Association (HOA) plays a vital role in maintaining the community’s splendor and functionality. The HOA services include gated security, landscaping, road maintenance, snow removal, trash removal, and access to the community beach.

For those interested in the golf course, clubhouse, restaurant, and tennis club, these amenities are available for an extra fee, catering to the specific preferences and interests of residents.

Adhering to Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs), Glenbrook ensures that the neighborhood retains its character, quality, and value over time. These guidelines create a cohesive and harmonious community that stands as a testament to Glenbrook’s rich heritage and enduring appeal.

Glenbrook is a captivating neighborhood that seamlessly combines history, luxury, and natural beauty. With its exclusive amenities, picturesque surroundings, and easy access to both outdoor activities and urban attractions, Glenbrook offers an exceptional living experience for those fortunate enough to call it home.


  • 297 Residences
  • 61 Lakefronts
  • Gated entrance with seasonal guard
  • Community pier, beach and boat buoys with dock valet
  • Private nine-hole golf course, tennis club and restaurant
  • Community park and hiking trails
  • Designated green belts
  • Surrounded by over 700 acres of US Forest Service lands
  • 9.6 Miles to the CA/NV state line
  • 12.6 Miles to Heavenly’s boulder lodge and lift
  • Douglas County School bus stops at the Glenbrook gate
  • Developed in 1906
  • HOA: yes
  • Includes: gated security, landscaping, road maintenance, snow removal, trash removal, beach
  • Included for an extra fee: nine-hole golf course, clubhouse, restaurant, tennis club
  • CC&Rs: yes
  • Water/Sewer District: Glenbrook Water Company & Tahoe Douglas Sewer

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