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Jim & Kristin Reichmuth

Thank you for being our real estate agent and resource! Aside from deftly handling the transaction itself, we truly appreciate what an asset you have been to us in the recent purchase of our home in Skyland Park. It is an important, long-term investment for us and we feel that your guidance and local knowledge were instrumental in quickly locating the best property. Your extensive and very current knowledge of active and recently sold properties (including asking and selling prices) allowed us to verify, negotiate and close on the best value for the price.

Furthermore, we really appreciate the referrals to local service organizations that you have provided as they have allowed us to expedite the process of transfer of ownership and making the property our own.

They say it is good to have connections. For us you are that connection and hope that we can count on you for continued real estate and related guidance over the near term as we continue the process of settling in.