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Aging Down – Market Update 11/4/2022

Last week we explored the science behind stress and aging. If you missed it we archive all our blogs here. While de-stressing can be individual, what relaxes one person may stress out another, there are science backed stress reduction technique...

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Is Stress Aging Us? – Market Update 10/28/2022

Here comes the snow! We got our first taste of winter this week and are expecting another storm Tuesday with a low of 13 degrees! We're ready! Bring on winter!! I was listening to a podcast this week that I have to share about how people who...

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Building Wealth With Real Estate Inventing 10/14/2022

We are currently experiencing the ultimate Indian summer here at the lake! Men's Journal wrote an article claiming that October is the very best time to visit Lake Tahoe! What are your thoughts? With 70+ degree days this week, unbelievable fall...

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